Several years ago, Podcast pioneerĀ Kreg Steppe started a challenge for Podcasters called the Dog Days of Podcasting. It’s quite simple, produce a Podcast for 30 days straight. Any format, any time length. The point really is to just do it.

I have been a follower and listener to the Dog Days, but never before a participant. Until Now. This year, I feel compelled to jump in. For this, I decided to create a new site and rss feed separate from the other things I do. This is a one-off (or 30-off) project for this one purpose.

Why is it called Lavender Pony? Listen to the first episode to find out. It’s not what you may think. The show will largely be extemporaneous and random. It may be a leap of faith for the listener, but this show hearkens back to the great, early days of Podcasting when it was just a guy (or gal) and a mic. What comes next, who knows!

The Dog Days runs August 1st 2017 – August 31st 2017, so stay tuned and get ready.

I hope you’ll come along and if you like what you hear, check out my other show, Album Tracks.