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Lavender Pony Show – My Portland

I am inspired by Dave Slusher and his Portland remembrances. I give my own spin on how Portland has been for me over the past 7 years.


Lavender Pony Show – End of the Oregon Trail

I’m fixing cars across the street from the end of the Oregon Trail.

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Lavender Pony Show 2017-5

Talk about how Portland has changed since I have been here.

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Lavender Pony Show 2017-4

Talk about New Orleans and the best fried chicken I have ever had at Willie Mae’s

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Lavender Pony Show 2017-3

A very tired and short show. Weather update for Portland.

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Lavender Pony Show 2017-2

I go on about the One Plus 2 phone and cell phones in general. Finish up with the weather report for Portland, OR.

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Lavender Pony Show 2017-1

Welcome back! The first show of the 2017 Dog Days of Podcasting. In this show I set the record on my general state of mind.

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Lavender Pony Show 27

The final show of the Dog Days of Podcasting!

A music show featuring: The Posies, Young Fresh Fellows, Beatnik Beatch, Mathew Sweet and The Smithereens.

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Lavender Pony Show 26

YouTube producers are being forced to comply with “advertiser friendly” content.

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